safetyDelivering on our promises SAFELY is important to us. Over the years, we have worked hard to build a company and a culture where people are empowered to make the right decisions to ensure they are safe as well as the general public is safe while our equipment is on the road. Our insurance ratings and safety record is a testament to that.

Most of our tank units have built-in safety cages to ensure that anyone who has to go on top of one of our tank trailers is completely safe and free from harm

It is not unusual for many of our customers to require a sample of the product by opening the dome lid on top of the tanker. Because most tank trailers operated in our industry are unsafe to take a proper sample, we have gone the extra step and have built a very well thought out safety platform. Both our customers and employees appreciate this. Since we adopted this design many customers will only accept trailers with safety platforms. Many California carriers are adopting this safety measure that we pioneered.